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MOVERS BEWARE!!Has anyone contracted with a moving company by the name of Sun Trust Van Lines out of Miami, FL, who illegally brokered your personal house goods out to a company by the name of L&D Storage out of Ventura/North Hollywood, CA (both cities appear on the cab of the truck)?

Well, the unimaginable has happened to me with this moving company. At least half of my household goods have been destroyed (heirlooms and collectible; the 2 rear legs literally broken off my double Victorian dresser; a leg broken off my metal bed frame (how?); and the destruction and damage caused to my other belongings has been staggering. This has literally traumatized me!! I had to have 2 AZ DOT Weights & Measures agents here at my new home to meet this moving truck as it came in.

The people at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has been highly involved with my situation as well. It is inconceivable that so much damage/destruction could just happen (we are not talking nicks and dings), we are talking about total disregard to others personal belongings. This damage was intentionally done, as my new upstairs neighbor watched this whole scene go down from her balcony and saw how these 2 Israeli Nationals were badly treating the load behind me that was going to Gilbert, AZ. Then, my Brother, who has been in the trucking industry for 46 years and personally knows all these federal people at the DC level (he is the one responsible for getting all the Feds involved)found out through one of his trucking associations he is a member of that this Sun Trust Van Lines just came into operation in March 2013, and did not have "broker authority;" in other words they did not have the legal right to give my possessions to anyone, and they did -- to this L&D Storage out of CA (totally unbeknown to me).

They tacked on an additional almost $3,000 to my original contract; which was found to be illegal by the AZ DOT Weights & Measures Agents who were here the day this load came in, and this was because of what was done when my things were loaded in GA. I URGE anyone who has had such destruction/damage/missing items to immediately go to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (U.S. Dept. of Transportation) and file a complaint which I was told to immediately do by one of the DOT agents in Phoenix.

This company is being highly investigated by all agencies involved here. These 2 Israeli's who delivered my load thought they were above the law, as they were put on an "Out of Service Order" for 10 hours by the DOT W&M agents, which means their truck could not move from the truck stop for 10 hours, as the Highway Patrol (who was also at my new home when this truck came in) would be looking for them. Well, the violated this order and proceeded on to Gilbert, AZ where, once again, the AZ Federal DOT people were waiting for them, with *** sniffing dogs (as I was told) this time. To violate an order such as this is as bad as someone trying to break out of jail.

Please feel free to email me at:, LISTEN TO WHAT I HAVE SAID AND STAY AWAY FROM THIS MOVING COMPANY (if they are not shut down by the DOT first)!!

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